An outdated bathroom can be one of the most aesthetically displeasing rooms in the home. Unlike a bedroom where a new coat of paint can transform the room in a day, a bathroom remodel could require a plumber, a tile installer, a carpenter, and an electrician as well. Because of the cost and complexity, the bathroom is often low on the list for getting refreshed. However, if you’re looking for ways to reduce your eco-footprint, the bathroom is a great place to start. Our team at Tub Tile & Tops has put together a quick list of bathroom updates that are not only eco-friendly, but will also give you a bathroom to be proud of.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

Eco-Friendly Toilets

Nearly one-third of your home’s water consumption is linked to the toilet. Toilets that used 7 gallons per flush were once commonplace. However, current federal plumbing mandates have shrunk this number to 1.6 gallons, and some models use even less water. Another option is a dual flush toilet that allows the user to select a low or heavy water flow setting.

Refinish, Don’t Replace

Instead of picking out all new bathtubs, countertops, fixtures, and other related construction materials, work with what you already have. When you choose refinishing over replacement, you are making a decision to keep those things out of the landfill. That’s good for the earth and your budget.

Refinish with Eco-Friendly Products

At Tub Tile & Tops, we use an eco-friendly coating system for all of our projects. The acrylic urethane technology meets U.S. EPA standards for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, so it is safe to use in your home and is virtually odor-free. Additionally, the coating cures within four hours and is highly resistant to impact, chemicals, and moisture. It is one of the most durable finishes available on the market.

Call in the Experts

If you’re ready to update your bathroom and reduce your eco-footprint in the process, contact Tub Tile & Tops today at (402) 971-0023. As a locally owned and veteran–operated business, we take pride in a job well done. We serve Omaha and beyond, including the areas of Lincoln and Bellevue.